Losing data is undoubtedly one of the most distressing things that can happen in business operations. We’ve all been there - or know someone who has. Logical, mechanical and electrical malfunctions are occurring every day, and are unfortunately a technological reality. Just how safe is your customer/product/financial data? Our clients need to know that arriving at work tomorrow to a majorly corrupted hard disk, burnt, flooded or stolen infrastructure, can mean a few clicks of a button or a friendly phone call to restore today’s data.

Rock-solid, intelligent data backup procedures have quickly become an assumed and imperative investment for businesses of every size and operation. On Demand offers automated onsite and offsite backup procedures.

Offsite backup solutions are fast becoming a staple element of daily data handling.  Every day, your data is backed up to our privately owned redundant Storage Area Network housed in Sydney’s state-of-the-art Equinix data centre. Data is transmitted using bank-level 1024-Bit RSA Encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies.

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Data Recovery

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On Demand offers specialist data recovery services from almost all removable and non removable media. This most commonly includes hard drives (IDE, UATA, SATA, SCSI), DVD and CD media, flash, SD, SM and memory sticks (USB keys). Other recoverable media we deal with include Floppy Diskettes, SAN’s, NAS’s, and SNAP servers RAID 0,1,5 arrays and other various RAID models. Our data services are available to commercial, non-commercial, government and non-government customers.

You can rest assured the qualified and experienced data recovery team at On Demand strives for perfection in recovering your valuable data, and that your media is handled with outmost care and expertise. For more information on our data recovery process, click here.
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