Network Design & Administration

Complexities of computer networks can present significant challenges for businesses with limited internal IT resources. Business owners need a solution that is reliably designed, built and administered by professionals.

On Demand’s Network Design and Administration services combine traditional IT consulting with onsite service administration and remote monitoring to create a complete network solution for your business.

Our network and consulting specialists offer you the greatest degree of flexibility by designing a new, or optimising your existing office network to support your unique business operations.


Network Design

Designing and planning robust, state of the art, inter and intra office networks to meet the intensive high load network requirements of today’s software operations and business practices.


Network Installs and Upgrades

Identify network and system bottlenecks through vigorous network testing methods, design and propose a streamlined network upgrade, replace and deploy carefully selected hardware and software systems to eliminate such bottlenecks.


Network Support & Maintenance

Keeping your networked environment up to date, secure, protected from potential internal and external threats such as data loss or theft, viruses, malicious hacking attempts and network downtime.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

On Demand can provide secure multi-site / interstate virtual private network links that also accommodate for mobile, out of the office users utilising wireless 3G/HSDPA or public WiFi™ internet connections.


Wireless Networks

Providing office-wide wireless connectivity to portable, WiFi™ enabled devices (laptops, mobile phones, pocket pc’s), making your workplace more accessible, suiting the dynamic, face-paced workspaces of today’s business world.