Voice over Internet Protocol, Internet Telephony or simply 'VoIP' is a technique of delivering voice services over the internet or other inter-connected networks.

When configured properly, VoIP integrates seamlessly with the existing analogue phone systems, allowing you to place and receive calls using traditional corded and cordless telephone handsets, desktop computers, notebooks and PDAs with the same, if not higher call quality and stability.

Implementing a VoIP solution allows you to break the boundaries of traditional telecommunication costs by abolishing the STD (interstate call), and offering very cheap mobile and international rates.



On Demand’s IP PBX technologies can facilitate tasks and provide services previously thought to be more difficult or costly to implement on existing telephone systems or telecommunication networks.

  • ΦMultiple incoming and outgoing phone lines
  • ΦInter-office and intra-office extension numbers
  • ΦInteractive Voice Response (IVR)
  • ΦVoicemail, voicemail to email
  • ΦClick-to-talk technologies
  • ΦCall conferencing
  • ΦMusic on hold services
  • ΦNationwide – local state dial-in numbers
  • ΦQuality of Service (QOS) configuration


Remote presence – allow people to contact YOU cheaply.

Do you receive lots of phone calls from an interstate or international client base? If so, On Demand can help make this very cost effective for your clients. Using VoIP, On Demand can implement Direct Inward Dialling (DID), connecting a local number in any major capital city and surrounding area in Australia to your office number, your mobile number or even your home number.

For example – If your office is based in Melbourne, but you deal with a lot of customers or have many friends or family in Sydney, On Demand can configure a Sydney phone number which would allow these people to call you for the cost of a local call.

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